This June our Roaster in Residence is Thirdeye Coffee Roasters and we caught up with Benny to find out more about what we’ll be drinking this month.

What’s the story behind the name Thirdeye?
I’ve always felt like coffee in many ways gives us a new perspective on things, particularly in the morning when you need it most! It’s a product that has been around so long now that it has become a part of our society, I don’t know where we’d be without it.

What coffee will we be drinking this June?
This month you’ll be featuring our Seasonal Resident Blend. 100% South American blend. Seasonal for the fact that no two harvests are the same, which sees us constantly making incremental adjustments, be it in origin ratio, roast development or suggested brew ratios. It REALLY shines as espresso.

What can you tell us about the origins?
The blend is broken down to two components, a washed Colombian from the Huila region, bringing brightness, complexity and acidity, and a beautiful natural Brazilian which adds body, mouthfeel, and more traditional flavours such as cocoa nib, and a nutty, biscuity finish.

Processing methods?
Fully washed Colombia and pulp natural Brazil.

What are the tasting notes?
Black brings candied orange and marzipan, and with latte it’s like chocolate milk and hazelnut.

What’s the recommended recipe?
Our current recipes for black espresso is: 19g in (dry) yielding 36g at 94 degrees, running a slightly lower pump pressure of ~8bar. This helps draw out the extraction and give us a slightly higher yield. For latte we use the same recipe but only yield 33g out.

I’ve heard you guys have some ideas about how to make the best espresso martini. What’s your secret?
Haha yes! Probably THE best drink on the planet, combining caffeine, alcohol and natural sugars. We start with our signature in-house coldbrew concentrate recipe, adding a locally distilled white spirit, and our own coffee liqueur which we are about to launch to market 🤘

Speaking of espresso martinis, what’s your favourite espresso cocktail?
Not a cocktail, as such, but I think you can’t go past a well prepared caffe affogato. Quality coffee and craft liqueur are the key!

What’s your morning coffee ritual like?
Ironically, for me, quality plays second fiddle to speed first thing, so the first cup of the day is usually rushed, just get the caffeine inside me! It’s the second, and third cups where flavour really counts, haha!

What’s the cafe scene like in Hawkes Bay?
Coffee culture is well and truly engrained into locals here in HB. There is plenty of quality offerings and as a result you have to be on your game 100% of the time, meaning standards are pretty high.

Is there a café that you would describe as a hidden gem?
In Hastings I would send you to Cascara, Isaac is the only cat rolling Modbar here in HB and he always has something interesting on filter. Napier-side I would send you to my buddy Ryan at Uncle, great cup and the best banter around. We also operate a couple coffee spots of our own, Georgia on Tennyson and Sparrows, the latter we treat as sort of a “cellar door” for coffee as it’s tied into our roastery.