This July our Roaster in Residence is  Proof and Stock Coffee Aotearoa and we’re talking with  Tane and Adrianna who are running their roastery from a shed at the back of their property in New Plymouth.

What coffee are we drinking this July?
Our whare blend – Nikau

What are the origins?
Gutemalan, Colombian, PNG, Brazil, Nicaraguan

What are the tasting notes?
Pango/Black – Chestnut, orange, cacao nips and golden syrup.
Ma/ White – Vanilla Pod White chocolate and gingerbread.

What’s your recommended espresso recipe?
Brew Ratio 1:1 20 grams in 20 grams out over 32 Seconds.



Your roastery is in a shed on the back of your property. Your morning commute must be pretty breezy!
Breezy being an understatement! We literally walk out our front door and we are at work. Obviously this comes with pros, which we are glad to say outweigh the cons.

How did you get started roasting?
(Tane) Coffee started for me back in the early 2000s, and to be honest, it was by mistake. Originally, I studied at Victoria University of Wellington’s Design School, where I graduated after two years with a Bachelor in partying.

Mum and Dad pulled me out of University and brought me back home to a newly acquired whānau operated café. Dad was head chef and I quickly learnt the art of the barista. We had the support of L’Affare and Ray Kelland. I learnt a lot from them, and always had aspirations to roast, however, at the time, I was lacking in the knowledge and the capital. For those reasons, this thought was put on the back burner for a while, no pun intended.

Adrianna and I have been roasting for the past 4 years now. We got started with the help of our friends here in Taranaki,  Escape Coffee Roasters. We purchased their 5kg Ozturk roaster and with a quick lesson we were away. Now we roast on a 30kg Toper supplying wider Taranaki.


A Hei Tiki is featured in your logo. What does that mean to you personally and to the roastery’s ethos?
The Hei Tiki came about after years of capturing the pounamu [greenstone] in oil painting and this has in time evolved into our brand. Manaakitia is our ethos, you may have heard it in our Māori national anthem. At proof and Stock, we live this mentality, and our Hei Tiki encompasses this attitude.


(noun) hospitality, kindness, generosity, entertainment, support – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others


What’s the meaning behind the name Proof and Stock?
Our name comes with a few meanings: the proof is in the pudding and stock is a promise to our customers that we have stacks of it!

We were also inspired listening to Biggie Smalls’ song Juicy, “Sipping on Private Stock” and thinking, “We can make this work as our name.”

We can also prove all we do is ethical and sustainable.




Speaking of being ethical and sustainable, one of your tag-lines is “Don’t panic, it’s organic”. What are some of the things Proof of Stock is doing to keep that promise?

We use John Burton Limited and Cofinet for our green bean supply, both being owned and operated in New Zealand. They have well established contacts with farm owners and producers to make sure the coffee we buy is sustainably sourced. We take pride in continuing this though our production and retail by not only selling our beans in compostable bags, but also by providing the option of refillable flasks and cups.



You guys have a La Marzocco Linea Classic in your roasting shed – the professional machine that our Linea Mini is modeled after. What are your thoughts about making coffee on the Classic?
Our Classic has lived up to its name since day one, reliable, clean, with a timeless look. It consistently pours delicious coffee. We combo it with our Mythos one auto dose grinder.



We heard that there is a new way to buy your coffee with your 400g Proof & Stock reusable flasks. Tell us more! How can people get them and when?

Yeah these have taken off! They can be purchased on our instagram or in store. They will be available on our website in the coming months.



We also heard that you guys are working with Innocent Packaging to compost single use cups onsite — not only lowering your carbon footprint but also creating organic worm filled goodness for the Marfell community garden.What inspired this project and how did you get involved with the Marfell community garden?

Our inspiration was really about going full circle with our business model, and that began when we decided to start our business from our home. Lowering our waste allowed us to be creative in the products used for our retail store while still giving back to our community.

A regular customer and friend who is a local GP came to us wanting to use our coffee grinds for creating compost to help start a community garden. We jumped at the chance to help. Our industry heavily relies on mother nature so in this we feel obligated to to our best by the earth.



Any coffee inspired gardening tips that you could pass on to our home baristas?
Used coffee grounds are amazing for ones’ garden. It not only keeps bugs, snails, ect. at bay, but the nitrogen rich organic matter also helps boost plant growth. Check out Innocent Packaging and For the Better Good. Their sites are full hot tips to help compost.



What’s currently on repeat on your morning playlist?

Shapeshifter, Noname, Trinity roots. We occasionally dust off the vinyl and spin Fleetwood, Bob Marley, Freddy king to name a few.