Located in Westgate a suburb of Auckland, the AS Colour Distribution Centre is one of the very first in New Zealand to have a Dematic Goods-to-Person picking solution. This new technology allows boxes of apparel to be picked robotically and with the help of conveyor belts, delivers them directly to packing staff.  It’s been proving very beneficial to speed up productivity and allows staff to focus on more important tasks – such as making a good coffee.

Perhaps the more important decision made in the office to boost productivity, efficiency, and all-around happiness has been to install a new La Marzocco Linea Mini, paired with the Mahlkoenig E65s grinder complete with a small hopper. Installed by the La Marzocco team, the matte black machine and grinder match the sleek, modern aesthetic of AS colour and add extra enjoyment and excitement for staff to make their own café quality morning coffees.

Linea Mini AS Colour

“Having a Linea Mini in the office definitely boosts productivity for me. It’s like our new water cooler so we can get away from the workspace and talk with other colleagues,” said Vaughn, Management Accountant at AS Colour. Vaughn makes a coffee first thing when he gets to the office and then has a second around 11 am and then another after lunch at 3 pm to keep him going during that afternoon lull. He is also working on his latte art and has hopes to one day be the best in the office.

new water cooler - as colour

Visiting AS Colour, it is clear the machine has become a huge part of the day-to-day routine in the office and has definitely ignited interest in everything coffee, one staff member going as far as saying, “The coffee I’ve had out of that machine has been as good as the ones I’ve gotten at cafés. During the workday I don’t even bother going out for a coffee, I just make one here. I’ve definitely saved a lot of money! Thank goodness for Vaughn for giving everyone great tips on how to make coffees. Knowing how to make a nice flat white or long black is definitely a good skill to have now.”

Although this new coffee demand has put a bit of extra pressure on the office manager Jess, one staff member noting, “Last week was a true reflection of how much we rely on our Linea Mini. Our beans hadn’t been delivered in time, and four or five people must have walked up to Jess, to ask when the beans would arrive. We love having an espresso machine and we really rely on our flat whites! Now we have a coffee subscription, so we don’t have to worry about that anymore. Thank you for sorting it, Jess!”


Fingers crossed Jess survives if there is another coffee bean shortage in the office.