While we’re all hunkering down, many of us are looking at this time as an opportunity to upskill or learn something new.

Meet Phill, our Technical and Aftersales expert here at La Marzocco Home New Zealand. Phill is an avid home barista and self-proclaimed coffee geek. Before he started working with us over 5 years ago, he was a star barista at Espresso Workshop, so he definitely knows his way around a home espresso machine. He’s also been our go-to guy for all things latte art at our showroom and recently served as one of the judges at this years’ NZ Latte Art Championship in early March 2020.

Phill will be taking over our Instagram today so be sure to jump on IG and send him all your home barista questions, because we all want to make the most of our time at home and a good cup of coffee sure does help.