We are excited to share La Marzocco Home’s first International Roaster in Residence – our friends at Fritz Coffee Company in Seoul, KR.

For a limited time during the month of August you can stop by our showroom to have a brew of the Seoul Cinema espresso blend.

We talked with the Fritz team about Seoul Cinema and what makes their roastery and cafe so special.


Tell us about the founders of Fritz Coffee.

Fritz Coffee was founded by Byung-ki Kim (BK Kim), Do-hyun Kim, Geun-ha Park, Sung-man Song, Kyung-mi Jeon, and Min-soo Heo.

Byung-ki Kim, co-CEO at Fritz Coffee, was a well-known green bean buyer in the coffee industry in South Korea since Coffee Libre. Geun-ha Park, the other co-CEO, was the winner of the Korea National Barista Championship (KNBC) in 2014.

Sung-man Song, Barista at Fritz Coffee, marked his name as the finalist at KNBC several times. Do-hyun Kim, Roaster, and Kyung-mi, Cupper, were also well recognised for their skills in the coffee industry. Min-soo Heo, Chef, has been widely known in the baking industry.

It made a big impact and drew attention that these people all got together and started in one place.



What is the recommended espresso recipe for the Seoul Cinema Blend

It may vary depending on the given environment (machine, grinder, etc.), but I recommend the ratio of 1:2 or higher per VST basket.

We use a VST 20g basket, uses 19.5 to 20g coffee, and extracts 40 to 43g. Extraction time is around 30 seconds. Extraction yield remain between 19.5 and 20%.


What are the tasting notes for Seoul Cinema?

Plum, Raspberry, Lemon peel, Assam tea, Sugar​

What could we expect to see when walking into the Fritz café in Seoul?

Fritz coffee has a different colour and tone from the specialty coffee cafes we usually expect. This is a cafe that feels like an old alley in Korea. A bit rough and dark, but warm.

What is the coffee scene like in Dohwa-dong?

Dohwa-dong is not particularly famous for specialty coffee. This is because it is not a place that attracts people in the same way as famous areas like Yeonnam-dong or Seongsu-dong in Seoul do. However, it is a very good and lively area to appreciate the alleys as the old city and the new city are mixed.

What inspired the iconic seal character of Fritz coffee?

Nothing in particular. We did not create a logo with any special meaning in mind.


You’ve been sharing monthly Spotify playlists on your Instagram @fritzcoffeecompany. What are the August songs that are flowing in store at Fritz?

We are yet to decide the list in full.

Music has never been an integral part of the coffee market in South Korea. However, we believe music can also define the character of a cafe and provide people with new experiences. We value these experiences a lot.

Have you ever travelled to New Zealand?

I’ve been to New Zealand for two weeks. It reminds me of very beautiful scenery and landscapes with friendly people. All specialty cafes where I have visited have offered friendly service with great coffee. It was a pleasant experience, and I would like to visit often, if I have a chance.

– Geunha Park