Coffee cocktails can be the perfect caffeine-fuelled alcoholic pick-me-up to get the New Year’s Eve party started and with La Marzocco’s range of home espresso machines you don’t need to be a professional barista to wow your guests.

coffee in good spirits

We recently were a part of the Coffee in Good Spirits Throwdown in Auckland where baristas and mixologists competed to see who could make the best coffee cocktails. The competition consisted of a hot cocktail round, a cold cocktail round and the grand finale, a new take on the classic espresso martini.

We came away with lots of great ideas for recipes to try out at home over the festive season and we were lucky enough to have some of the competitors share their recipes with us including the winning espresso martini recipe.


espresso martini

the winning espresso martini recipe

The overall winner of the competition was An Nguyen who took home a $1000 cash prize. Here is his winning martini recipe.

coffee natural Honduras 20g in – 40g out
20ml cold brew liqueur *
30ml cranberry infused vodka *
10ml milk washed *

Shake with large ice cubes ( 160g to 180g)

*Coldbrew liqueur

100g cold brew 1:4 ratio
100g Demerara sugar
180g vodka

* Cranberry infused vodka

30g dried cranberry
90g vodka

Soak overnight

*Milk washed

5g citric acid
200g milk

Heat the milk until it reaches 30 degrees and then strain it into a paper filter. This will give the drink a creamy mouthfeel and smooth out the sharp back taste of the vodka.


our favourite cold coffee cocktail

Finalist, Nico Refiti, created one of our favourite cocktails of the night, inspired by the Italian soda Chinotto, which uses a variety of bitter oranges as the main flavour.


coffee recipe (using an aeropress)
30g Dose of Ruva Black Honey Geisha coffee, Costa Rica (lookout for its release early 2020)
100g water at 96 degrees
30 seconds agitation. Plunge at 1 minute.

cocktail recipe
30g of Ruva Aeropress
15ml Cointreau
15ml Caperitif
30ml vodka
5ml lime juice
15ml corn syrup
2 drops saline

Shaken and served in a rocks glass over ice and topped with soda and garnished with a cucumber ribbon.