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amateur barista championship 2020

intoducing the amateur barista championship 2020

La Marzocco Home is excited to announce the commencement of the Amateur Barista Championship of Australia & New Zealand. Home Barista’s across the continent are asked to compete via video submission, showcasing their skills brewing coffee the best way they know how.

To be a part of this competition, amateur baristas are asked to submit a video of 10 minutes or less using either their Linea Mini or GS3 at home or office. The video’s content is up to you, however, at a minimum, amateur baristas are asked to create three items off the coffee menu – an espresso, a milk-based beverage, and a signature drink.

The beans you choose are also up to you, however, a shout out to your local café or roastery is welcomed above all else. All skill levels and personality types are appreciated, it is not just about pouring beautiful latte art, but more about your passion & respect for the creativity of coffee!

We will begin the acceptance of video submissions from Friday 17th April until Sunday 10th May. Out of the submissions, a top 10 will be chosen from around the continent & featured on our social channels.

The Amateur Barista Championship is proud to announce the sponsorship of Specht Design. The overall winner of the Amateur Barista Championship of Australia & New Zealand will receive a fully customised upgrade of their La Marzocco Home espresso machine, via the work of Team Specht, designed in collaboration with the winner.

Please read on to find the complete rules & conditions for submission. May the best Amateur Barista win!



Amateur Baristas are to submit a video of themselves at home using their La Marzocco Linea Mini or GS3. Home Baristas are able to choose any other coffee equipment to use as an accompaniment to their espresso machine (grinder, tamping, distribution tools, filter equipment, etc.).

video length

The video is to be no greater than 10 minutes in length. Remember, this is not a target but a maximum, we will be accepting short & sweet videos too.

video content

1. Amateur Baristas are required to introduce themselves, either through verbal or written-on-screen communication, whatever way you feel more comfortable. In the intro, context should relate to:

name, city & occupation.

a little bit about themselves & their passion for coffee.

their chosen brewing equipment.

their chosen coffee (roaster, café, friendly barista purchased from – all sources are accepted. The more information shared about their coffee, the better.)
NOTE: If you are unable to source your favourite beans due to the fragility of our world at this time, please understand that this is not a prerequisite: your passion is what you will be judged, not the quality/taste of your brew.

2. Amateur Baristas are then required to serve a minimum of three (3) beverages:


Milk Beverage (any type of beverage from the standard coffee menu & any type of milk, but using espresso as a base)

Signature Drink (whether it be affogato, espresso martini, coffee tonic, coconut cold brew… get creative!)

3. Amateur Baristas are asked to talk us through their recipe of each of the beverages (as much as they can) and explain why they chose this recipe.

4. Amateur Baristas are also asked to share their “One Thing” that they believe makes their coffee better at home.

social media

Competitors are asked to share part of their submission on social media: whether it be a still image, a snippet of video, or an image supplied by La Marzocco Home – whatever you feel comfortable with. The content may be shared as a tile post or story, it must however contain the following tags:

@lamarzoccohomeau (for Aust submissions), @lamarzoccohomenz (for New Zealand submissions), @spechtdesign, #LMHABC, #homebaristachamps2020

Also, tag your nominated roaster! Who knows, they may be able to coach you through a recipe!

requirements for registration

The term ‘Amateur Barista’ is defined as any person that is not involved directly with the coffee profession. Registered competitors who are involved in the coffee profession and wish to compete are invited to submit content, however, they will, unfortunately, be ineligible to win the grand prize.

judging criteria

Videos are judged subjectively, based on visual communication of knowledge & passion for the product.
Extra points are awarded for shouting out of products, roasteries, cafes & kinds of milk used.
Extra points are also awarded for clear communication of coffee recipes.

video submission

Competitors are asked to submit their videos via our online submissions form below.

Upload your video to a video-sharing platform of your choice. (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
You will need to copy & paste the URL to your video, which must be included in your application.

Alternatively, you can submit your videos via WeTransfer – an online file sharing service. Send your submission along with your name, location & a brief message about yourself to

If you are still having difficulty submitting, please contact us via email or phone call:

Australian Contact Details:
(03) 8413-4777

New Zealand Contact Details:
(09) 307-2060